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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Green Future uPVC windows a better choice than windows made from wood or aluminum?

Your choice of framing material goes a long way toward determining the longevity and energy-efficiency of the total window system. Wood windows possess excellent thermal qualities but are prone to weather deterioration and require maintenance at regular intervals. Aluminum windows are very durable, yet offer little insulating value because they conduct energy rapidly.

Green Future uPVC windows are your best choice because they offer thermal characteristics similar to wood, having best acoustic insulation and are extremely durablce and provide a finish that is virtually maintenance-free. Also, keep in mind that the best performing Green Future uPVC window systems have multi-chambered frames with welded corners and steel inside for strength.

Can Glass solve the acoustic and thermal problem?

It's a myth that glass alone can solve a problem. Glass can solve the problem by 50% must be contributed by framing material and the right kind of installation. (research document available)

What to Look for in uPVC Windows and Doors?

The wide variety of windows and doors available on the market can make the task of selecting appropriate units confusing. Price may not always be the determing factor. The cheapest units you can find may not perform at the level you want. The best advice to keep in mind is that price is not always an indication of quality or performance.
The key is to select windows or doors that are as energy efficient and acoustic as possible. Remember that some super high-performance windows may cost considerable more than normal high-performance windows, but it's a one time investment and your pay back period will be very less.
Don't forget to consider the advantages and disadvantages of framing materials, as well as the maintenance required and the durability of hardware.

Inspect samples before making a decision, taking into account the following basic requirements:

  • Window type may be fixed, sliding or openable.
  • Acoustic and Thermal study should be done to get the best value for money and to avoid over designing of glass.
  • Frame materials affect the insulation value, strength, maintenance requirements and longevity of the window.
  • Frame and Sash must be co-extruded for best sealing and energy efficiency.
  • Combined U-value of window should be less than 2W/m2K.
  • Must come with complete system guarantee (including hardware)
  • Should be LEAD free
  • Must be a suitalbe for Indian tropical climate
  • Installation must be as per the company guidelines
  • Fabricator must give the source of material to get the value for money.

What precaution should be taken before installation of windows?
Before getting the kind of windows, examine the requirement of the site related to thermal and acoustic values. Various technical tests should be carried out to access the thermal and acoustic requirement. Based on the test result right kind of frame and glass should be considered for the project to achieve the best thermal and acoustic values to give you the right value for money by avoiding over-designing of windows and doors.
For bigger/existing projects complete building study should be conducted to access the energy loss/ requirement for better energy efficiency and acoustic values.

Why should I choose Green Future Windows and Doors?

Green Future is pioneer among the uPVC window system not only due to its quality and commitment, but also known for the best knowledge on glass combination. The knowledge of Glass which Green Future has, gives the customer the greater advantage of getting the right solution for the existing and future fenestration problems. Green Future undertakes the acoustic and thermal study of each and every site before suggesting the best possible windows for better energy efficiency and acoustic insulation. This exercise not only gives the customer the best value for money, but also avoids over-designing of window system.

Green Future being one of the largest uPVC window manufacturers in Germany and have one of the most extensive and advanced product manufacturing lines in the industry, Green Future uPVC window system is manufactured as per international standards and all relevant testing/certification has been done. Green Future strives to offer window and door products that are both aesthetically appealing and energy-efficient. We closely monitor the quality of our products and back them with some of the best warranties in the business. In short, we care about our customers and value their trust.

We thank you for visiting our website and would like you to consider Green Future Windows and Doors for your next window.

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